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Fishing Report September, 2017 – Click for Details


Galveston fishing is back to being good. The hurricane has passed and the fish are hungry again. Call now to book your trip.

Fishing Report July 2015 – Click for Details

Speckled Trout

Here is the fishing report for July – after having some slow days due to water conditions kicked up by a Westerly wind, the water and fishing is back to being real good again! Speckled Trout are in good numbers as are Redfish. Still have lots of Shark offshore and the Tarpon are showing up off the beaches. Catches have been excellent and continue to improve.

Call today to book your guided fishing trip and get the date you want. Dates are starting to fill up for August & September  already so hurry up! Tight lines…

Capt. Sammy Flores

Fishing Report June 2014 – Click for details

Bent fishing rod

Here is the latest fishing report for the Galveston bay complex. Fishing is becoming better and better as the water temperatures rise – as it should. We’re seeing bait swarming on the jetties and the beachfront and that’s a good sign as it means the feeding activity will be more widespread with more and better fishing to be had!

We are catching lots of sharks, averaging around 6′ in length and 100# with some smaller and larger ones being caught. Additionally some really BIG Bull Redfish up to 40# have been hitting the decks. When weather conditions are on the mild side, there has been very good speckled trout and “slot” reds being caught.

Hurry up and book your guided fishing trip NOW to be sure you get the date you want.

Great awesome time!

“I’ve been out flounder fishing with Sammy Flores, caught lots of quality fish, limited out! Great awesome time! Also have been to the jetties fishing with Sammy, had a great time catching Redfish, Trout and a lot of other fish. I would recommend going with Sammy to all my friends! Sure knows a lot about catching fish.”

Linda Gonzalez

Captain Sammy put us on some serious fish!

Speckled Trout

“We had an excellent fishing trip in Galveston Bay. Captain Sammy put us on some serious fish and was incredibly knowledgeable in technique. I would definitely recommend this charter captain to my family and friends. I can hardly wait to go with Sammy again it was so much fun!”


Dustin B.

Fishing Report April 2014 – Click for details


Fishing for the past two months (March and April) has been very similar, for the most part the thing that has things backed up is all these late cold front pushes of weather that won’t let the water temp climb the way nature intended. Mother Nature is who controls everything in the Gulf and Bay, each degree of temperature rise, triggers a different species of fish to spawn. All these things control when different species of fish show up on the Galveston jetties.

The jetties for the most part hold a resident population of trout and redfish, which is what we target for the most part. Slot reds cooperate rather well , but bull reds cooperate even better. So when you come to fish the Galveston jetties with Captain Flores be sure you have your oversize redfish tag with you, fishing in the near future is going to continue to get better and better , so hurry and book your trip so you can take advantage of this beautiful way of life God has given us.


Fishing Report Nov. 2013 – Click for details

These nice flounder were caught in Nov. of 2013. Great eating a fun to catch!! Contact Capt. Sammy Flores and setup your own guided fishing trip on Galveston Bay to catch some for yourself… or go for redfish or speckled trout!

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