Galveston Redfish Fishing

No Fish puts up a More Dogged Fight than a Trophy Redfish

There’s a reason why Galveston redfish fishing is recognized by serious fishermen as being perhaps the best in the United States.  Galveston Bay and the Gulf not only boasts plenty of schooling sized redfish in the five-pound range, but also offers anglers a chance to tangle with lunker bull redfish that top the scales at over 50 pounds.


Brandon Backe and a very large redfish!

Fighting a big bull redfish should be on every angler’s bucket list, because they present a challenge unique to the species.  Simply finding and getting redfish to bite takes experience and know-how because redfish are one of the smarter game fish with which you will ever cross paths.

Once hooked, redfish have a number of defensive weapons at their disposal, not the least of which is their aforementioned intelligence.  When hooked, redfish have even been known to drive their mouths into rocky or oyster covered bottom in an effort to break a fisherman’s line.

Captain Sammy Flores has been targeting trophy reds in Galveston Bay and the Gulf for decades, and he has a few tricks of his own that he’s developed from the school of hard knocks.  When you join Captain Flores on a charter for redfish, he puts his knowledge to work for you so that you can experience the unique thrill of catching one of Texas’ premier sport fish.

More than Just a Galveston Redfish Fishing Trip


This could easily be YOU holding YOUR redfish!

One of the many reasons anglers love fishing for redfish is because they readily take a wide variety of natural and artificial baits.  This means that you won’t have to venture too far out of your comfort zone in order to hook and land a lunker redfish in Galveston Bay.

Redfish are also fast growing when compared with other popular Galveston area game fish, obtaining weights of up to eight pounds in only three short years.  This is one of the reasons Captain Flores is able to target big redfish on his charters, but the potential for action doesn’t stop there.

Because redfish can be effectively targeted throughout the fishing season, it’s possible to catch multiple other species of fish on a single outing.  Speckled trout, shark, and tarpon are all other possible prey when you book a redfish charter with Captain Flores.

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